Express your Individuality

Shelfium is almost invisible connective tissue. It has stepped down from the spotlight to let your genius shine.

With this tiny architectural element, made of solid oak, you can create any object that you can imagine. For your household, office, studio or store.

Shelfium works with any material: iron, glass or wood, and it’s especially good at combining bits and pieces.

Do you like to change your environment from time to time? Shelfium is flexible and can be reused again and again to bring your new ideas to life.

Free_A4_Floating_Brochure_Mockup_3a@2x PDF brochure here


We believe that better shouldn’t be reserved for tomorrow. The better should be now, for you, for us, for the planet. For some, better means non-conforming, for others sustainability; what does it mean for you?

There is no right answer. Better comes in many forms but always through empowerment. Thus, we’ve come up with Shelfium to free us from our boxes. It means: Yes, I can! I’m the creator of my own space.

When I'm in the creative process, I live in the moment. The happiest one.

Števo Polakovič, Architect, GutGut

Creating means power to change your reality so it becomes your reflection.

Martin Šichman, Inventor and Environmental Activist , CEO SPEAR hydro

Life gets fuller when we create. We test our limits and get to know ourselves and the world.

Lucia Grigova, Zero Waste Food Blogger

Setting free from routine and stereotypes - that's what creating means to me.

Jana Melišová and Lilka, Mother

I love to create, as it is the best way to truly connect with myself.

Evgeniia Kazarezova, Artist, Zheni studio